About Fastset

Recognizing a Problem


Trace Van Dyne, Founder of Fast Set Supports had spent many years working as a DJ/KJ. Along with this love to be the front man, came the task of setting up and tearing down at every show. As years went by, DJ equipment began to evolve. Laptops, tablets, and software replaced large racks of equipment and cases of CDs. The new equipment became much smaller (and shorter). Setting up required less space and the need for a more suitable mobile DJ stand was recognized. Although there were some products available, most of what he found was too big to be portable and was cumbersome to set up and adjust.


Solving the Problem


Determined to create a better way, Trace began designing and building prototypes for the perfect DJ table, The Fastset® Utility Table. Wanting it to be as versatile as it was portable, he created a design that could eventually offer functionality for others in the music business. After successfully launching the Fastset® Table, Trace continued to work on his vision for expansion. Engineering, prototyping and testing an attachment system to the Fastset® Table would be his focus and soon the “Fast-Clamp” would come to life. Today, the Patented Fast-Clamp™ and Fast-Attach™ Accessories provide unique and convenient set-up options for Musicians and DJs never seen before.


Innovation for the Future


Fastset® continues the quest to develop and test innovative products with the intention of supporting players in the music industry. Designing and bringing to market products that will enhance the careers of DJs, musicians, producers, and many others in the music industry, remain our primary function.


Committed to Quality and Manufacturing in the USA


Fastset® manufactures all our core products right here in the USA. In fact, much of the machining, cutting, and welding is done under our roof in Ohio. Other components such as plastic injection and blow molding are done here in the US as well. We also perform final assembly and packaging so that we can ensure that every product meets the highest quality standard before it leaves our building.


Unfortunately, not everything we sell is currently made in America. Our cut & sew products (carry cases, etc.) are in fact made overseas by our American “soft goods” partner, but rest assured we only accept top quality production. As Fastset continues to grow, we plan to re-invest our resources to ultimately becoming 100% Made in the USA.