Some laptop stands have an adjustable tray angle, others have a single button so you can collapse them fast, but
only the Patented Fast-Attach Stand has both!

It’s simple, use the orange (repositionable) lever to set the tray angle to your favorite position for your laptop or tablet. Once the tray angle is set, a simple push of the solid stainless steel button collapses the stand for transport and storage. The next time you use the stand, it will return to the exact angle you’ve become accustom to.

There’s also no guessing where your last height setting was because we’ve built every Fast-Attach Accessory with our unique Memory Ring System. By placing the orange O-ring in one of 5 set grooves on the vertical post, you can easily return to the height you’ve become accustom to. With all
the guesswork eliminated, set-up is always fast and easy.


Fast Attach Laptop Stand mounted to the dj table


With no restrictions and endless configurations, the
Fast-Attach® Two Tier Arms provide unique set-up
options you won’t find on any other keyboard stands.

Regardless of how you choose to use them, setting the Two Tier Arms at equal heights and returning there fast is not an issue with our Memory Ring System. No dangling pins, no knobs to tighten and loosen. Simply set the orange O-rings in the grooves on the vertical post to your favorite height, once, and you’re done.

Although the Fast-Attach Arms are capable of supporting a large load, we realize they may be used for smaller gear as well. That’s why we’ve equipped the arms with a soft, repositionable orange ring. With the ability to slide the ring up & down the arm, it can be positioned so smaller gear doesn’t have to rest on the metal support arms.


Two Tier Arms mounted to the musicians table with gear and a rear view
Two Tier Arms mounted to the dj table with a rear view